August 19, 2017

3130 ROMANIA (Timiş) - Fabric Synagogue in Timişoara

The Fabric New Synagogue in Timişoara is a Neologue synagogue inaugurated in 1899, when Timişoara (Temesvar) was a part of Transylvania and integrated in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The building was designed in Neo-Moorish style by the well-known Hungarian architect Lipot Baumhorn (or Leopold Baumhorn), based in Budapest, and the construction itself was under the direction of local contractor Josef Kremmer. Its construction was made possible by the contributions of donors.

It was designed according to the tradition of the great contemporary neologos synagogues of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, similar in shape to the synagogues in Rijeka, Szolnok and Becicherecul Mare (now Zrenjanin), built according to the plans of the same architect. As a result of massive emigration, especially during the postwar, communist era, the Jewish community dwindled to a critically low level, such that the synagogue is today in a state of decay and may be in danger of collapse.

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The stamp is part of the series Love Nature! Ceahlău National Park, about which I wrote here.

Sinagoga din Fabric (Timişoara) - Wikipedia

Sender: Adina Popescu
Sent from Timişoara (Timiş / Romania), on 08.08.2017
Graphics: Nicu Dărăştean

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