July 3, 2015

1714 BRAZIL (Rio de Janeiro) - Santa Teresa Tram

Santa Teresa is the name of a neighborhood in the city of Rio de Janeiro, located on top of the Santa Teresa hill, by the centre of Rio. At the end of the 19th and early 20th century it was an upper class borough, as still testify its magnificent mansions, but afterwards it has been revived as an artistic hotspot, and is famous for its winding, narrow streets. The Santa Teresa Tram (Bonde de Santa Teresa) is a historic tram line currently suspended from service. When it was operational, it connected the city centre with the neighbourhood of Santa Teresa, mainly maintained as a tourist attraction. It has been suspended since 2011, as a result of an accident, but a new fleet of 14 tramcars is being built, the line is being rebuilt, and reopening is projected for 2015, in time for the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Having run continuously since its opening in 1877 until 2011, it is one of the oldest street railway lines in the world and having been electrically powered since 1896, it is the oldest electric railway in all of Latin America. The Santa Teresa tram route rises from downtown Rio de Janeiro and follows a circuit of Santa Teresa hill, offering a high-level view of the city. It passes over the 45m high Carioca Aqueduct, a former aqueduct constructed in the 18th century and standard-gauge electric trams used to run beneath it. Before the 1960s, Rio de Janeiro trams served the entire downtown area and all near suburbs, but since 1967 only the Santa Teresa line remained. Lastly, it offered two regular services.

About the stamps
The first stamp is one of the two released on June 13, 2013, a Brazil - Czech Republic joint issue, which celebrate the diplomatic relations between the two countries. The two stamps depict the final of the 1962 FIFA World Cup, between Brazil and Czechoslovakia (3-1). The second was issued to celebrate the World Stamp Exhibition which held in Rio de Janeiro between 19 and 25 November 2013.

Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro - Wikipedia
Santa Teresa Tram - Wikipedia

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