July 25, 2015

1778 AUSTRALIA (Australian Antarctic Territory) - Mawson Station vicinity

Mawson Station is one of three permanent Australian bases in the Australian Antarctic Territory of East Antarctica, actually Australia's oldest Antarctic station and the oldest continuously inhabited Antarctic station south of the Antarctic Circle. Named after Antarctic explorer Sir Douglas Mawson, the base was established in 1954, and is managed by the Australian Antarctic Division (AAD). It houses approximately 20 personnel over winter and up to 60 in summer, being accessible by sea for only a short period each austral summer, between February and March.

Mawson Station is located at Holme Bay in Mac Robertson Land. It is in a region which Mawson proclaimed as British territory on several occasions in 1930 and 1931, and later became Australian Antarctic Territory. Some notable geographic features in the region include the Framnes Mountains, which form the dramatic backdrop to Mawson Station. Further away, to the northwest, lie the Napier Mountains, which were first visited by an ANARE survey party from Mawson Station in 1960. The highest peak of this small range is Mount Elkins.

About the stamp
The stamp (and also the maxicard) is part of the series Colours of the AAT, issued on 2015.

Mawson Station - Wikipedia

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Photo: Chris Wilson / Australian Antarctic Division / 2011-2012

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