July 1, 2015

1707 FRANCE (New Caledonia) - Western coast of Lifou Island

Lifou Island or Drehu in the local language is the largest (81km long and 16 to 24km wide), most populous and most important island of the Loyalty Islands, in the archipelago of New Caledonia. Irregular in shape, it is flat with no hills or rivers, but has abundant vegetation, dense interior jungles, fertile soils, terraced cliffs and breath taking reefs and corals. The coast is cut by long and deep bays alternating with long white sandy beaches and cliffs trenches. Actually Lifou Island is a former coral atoll that was part of a submerged volcano. The freshwater comes from rain that seeps through the calcareous soil and forms freshwater ponds.

Lifou Island - Wikipedia 

Sender: Philatelic Bureau of New Caledonia
Sent from Nouméa (Grande Terre / New Caledonia), on 24.07.2014
Photo: Pierre Alain Pantz

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