July 4, 2015

1716 NETHERLANDS (Aruba) - Playa Linda Beach Resort

Aruba is a generally flat, with white sandy beaches on the western and southern coasts, relatively sheltered from fierce ocean currents. This is where most tourist development has occurred. Situated directly on the world renowned white sand Palm Beach, one of Aruba's finest and overlooking six miles of breathtaking Caribbean coastline, Playa Linda Beach Resort offers "all of the unspoiled pleasures of tropical island vacationing at it's best". Its highly-identifiable, many-tiered design has been a part of the island landscape for almost the entire length of Aruba’s tourism industry, and holds the distinction of being one of the island’s first timeshare options. The resort first opened its doors back in 1983.

All three of its construction phases were realized through the efforts of a team of local, visionary industry leaders, including developer Raymond Maduro of Sun Development, architect Dan Oduber, contractor Henk Bijen of Albo Aruba and René Nieuwkerk, who was Playa Linda’s first general manager. Each played their part in contributing to the Playa Linda as it is today, distinctive for its design and remarkable for its upscale, yet still homey atmosphere. The Playa Linda has maintained its high-level standards by carrying out a regular schedule of capital investments, and had undergone a full renovation at about the time of its 25th year.

About the stamp
The stamp is part of a definitive series issued in 2009, and depicting Alto Vista Chapel, about which I wrote here.

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