July 11, 2015

1734 UNITED KINGDOM (Bermuda) - St. David's Lighthouse

St. David's Island is one of the main islands of Bermuda, located in the far north of the territory. Among the notable features of the island is St. David's Lighthouse, overlooking the South Shore. It is a sturdy stone structure, 17m high to lantern, completed in 1879, which shows a fixed white light of the second order, of about 30 000 candlepower, at a total height of 63m above sea level. It was constructed to eliminate luring ships with other kinds of lights to come too close to the reefs and get their bottoms torn out. Local St. David's Islanders were notorious for plundering cargoes. When the lighthouse defeated their illegal activities, they became fishermen and excellent pilots.

A landmark, it is not made of iron but sturdy Bermuda Stone (limestone of a type unique to Bermuda and then commonly used in building construction as a cheap local source of building materials). It was deliberately constructed inland, on a hill, not on the shore line, to be seen from afar. Since then it has undergone many changes and improvements. Views from the balcony are superb, looking east over land and water and also westward. In Tall Ship races since 1976 and numerous Newport to Bermuda and other bi-annual yacht races, it provides sailors with their first impressive glimpses of Bermuda.

About the stamps
The first and the third stamp belongs to the series Bermudan Shells, about which I wrote here. The second stamp is part of the series Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and His Royal Highness The Prince Philip - Lifetime of Service, issued on March 3, 2011. The last stamp is part of the series Bermuda Mystery Roses, about which I wrote here.
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