July 17, 2015

1747 NETHERLANDS (Netherlands / South Holland) - Windmills of Leidschendam

Located in the western Netherlands, on the banks of the canal Vliet, near the historic city of Leiden, Leidschendam is now part of the agglomeration of the city of The Hague and is often regarded as its suburbs. The town's name has been in use for centuries and refers to the lock in the Vliet. The settlement on the Northern side of the lock was known as Veur, until the formation of the municipality of Leidschendam in 1938. As elsewhere in Holland, windmills were constructed to power local industry, such as a wheat grinding mill in 1594 and wood processing mills in 1643 and 1739 (de Salamander and de Hoop). In the postcard are three smock mills.

About the stamp
The stamp is part of Green Progress set, about which I wrote here.

Leidschendam - Wikipedia

Sender: Marius Vasilescu
Sent from Amsterdam (North Holland / Netherlands), on 29.01.2013
Photo: Max Leser

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