July 18, 2015

1752 BOTSWANA - Animal families

As I say here, even if up to 70% of Botswana's territory is occupied by the Kalahari Desert, the country has a spectacular abundance of wildlife. Species diversity is not particularly spectacular, compared to other regions in southern Africa, but the conservation areas are among the most popular ecotourist destinations in this part of the continent. A total of 30.2% of Botswana is protected for wildlife, which is a high percentage by Africa standards. In the postcard are families of the most known animal species in the country: Burchell's zebra; giraffe; hippos; elephant; cheetah; Chacma baboon; lion.

About the stamps
The stamp, depicting Blue wildebeest / Connochaetes taurinus, is part of the series Large antelopes of Namibia.

Botswana - Biodiversity Explorer

Sender: Ester
Sent from Windhoek (Khomas / Namibia), on 20.05.2015

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