August 14, 2016

2683 FRANCE (Saint Martin) - A traditional creole house

As in all the islands of West Indies, the simple shape of the traditional creole houses in Saint Martin is compensated by the bright colours and sometimes by chiseled wooden decorations. They were built with small wood shingles used to cover the walls and roofs. Their use became the favourite material due to its numerous advantages. Keeping the house cooler, the wood singles were made of many local woods such as mahogany red, tamarind and mountain soursop or gray pear-tree.

About the stamps
The first stamp is part of the series The Solitary Bees, about which I wrote here.

The stamp is the one issued by France on May 9, 2016 for Europa Stamps 2016 Ecology in Europe - Think Green.

Anguilla - St Barts - Sint MaartenTypical Architecture - Kaktus Production website
Creole Houses - Key Paradise
Sender: Denise
Sent from Marigot (Saint Martin / France), on 11.07.2016
Photo: Philippe Poux 

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