August 21, 2016

2697 NIGER - Cultural itineraries of the Sahara Desert: Salt Road (UNESCO WHS - Tentative List)

2697 A Caravan in Fachi Oasis

Located in eastern Niger, in Ténéré desert, between the dunes of the Erg of Bilma, on the western edge of the small Agram mountain outcropping, Fachi Oasis is a stopping point of the Agadez to Kaouar caravans of the Azalay,. Apart from water, dates, and salt, Fachi produces no provisions, so its 2000 inhabitants depend entirely upon trade in these products with passing caravans.

Frequently raided by Tuareg and other Bedouins in its past, the town is built within high fortifications, known locally as a ksar, built from banco salt blocks. They are now disused. Fachis population is largely drawn from the Kanuri and Toubou peoples, in whose language the town is called Agram. Fachi, its official name, is from Tuareg and Hausa peoples who at one time lived there in larger numbers.

About the stamps
The stamp is part of o series of definitives stamps depicting Bella Bellow (1945-1973), a Togolese singer, who created an international career and recorded several albums.

Fachi - Wikipedia

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