August 31, 2016

2723 ROMANIA (Prahova) - Cota 1400 Hotel

Cota 1400 Hotel seen from Vârful Piscul Câinelui (The Dog's Peak) in 1980's

Located on the very steep slope of Bucegi Mountains toward the Prahova Valley, at the terminal of the cable car from Sinaia, on the way toward the Cota 2000, a road toward Bucegi Natural Park, at an altitude of 1400m, as the name suggests, Cota 1400 Hotel (1400 Elevation Hotel) offer, by its positioning above the resort Sinaia, a great view of the town and the Prahova Valley.

The first sketch of the buiding was made in 1932 by the architects M. Cherembach and I. Teodorescu, under the patronage of the Romanian Royal House, the purpose being the one of sanatorium. The establishment included the construction of the water basins, of the stone quarry and of power generator, the building materials being carried by carts pulled by oxen, on the old road which connected the Peleș Castle in Sinaia and Saint Ana Skete, via Royal Meadow.

After the WWII, during the communist regime, the sanatorium changed its function, passing to the Ministry of Tourism, under the name of Hotel Alpin. During the red period it was the host of some high ranking dignitaries. After the 1989 Revolution, it suffered a degradation process. Since 2003, were conducted extensive renovations, which resulted in the raising of the hotel's standards.

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Hotel Cota 1400 (rom) - Official website

Sender: Adrian Ilie
Sent from Sinaia (Prahova / Romania), on 08.08.1989

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