October 26, 2016

2841 ITALY (Veneto) - The Torrione in Legnago

Located on the Adige river, about 43km from Verona, Legnago had an important military role since the early Middle Ages. In the 19th century it was one of the Quadrilatero fortresses, the main strongpoint of the Austrian Lombardy-Venetia puppet state during the Italian Wars of Independence. The present fortifications were planned and made in 1815, the older defences having been destroyed by Napoleon in 1801. The Torrione (Grand Tower), located in Liberty Square, is the only surviving tower from the old medieval walls.

The city walls (and therefore also the Tower) were built starting in 1525, during the rule of the Venetian Republic, following the ruinous war of the League of Cambrai. The construction of the ramparts ended only in 1559 and, over the years, it saw a succession of distinguished architects as Bartolomeo d'Alviano, Fra' Giocondo, Michele Leoni e Michele Sanmicheli. The fortifications were later modernized first by French, and then by the Austrians. The walls lose their defensive role after the Unification of Italy and will be demolished in 1887.

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Legnago (ita) - Wikipedia

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