October 14, 2016

2820 FRANCE (Occitania) - The Bethmale Valley

Bethmale is a commune in southwestern France, in Pyrenees, with only 98 inhabitants (in 2013). Actually Bethmale is the name of a valley (one of the four which form the area named Castillon), that includes six villages, none of which with that name (Arrien, Aret, Samortein, Ayet, Tournac et Villargein). To the valley be noticed houses with stone walls, covered with slate, with gables, and balconies protected by the roof overhang. The bell tower of the church Saint Michael of Ayet, built between 14th and 18th centuries, dominates the valley.

Bethmale is one of the few regions of France which preserved very well the traditions, and the people still wear the traditional clothes. Famous are their spiky-toed clogs (sabots), about which origin there is a very beautiful legend, dating back for more than 12 centuries. The area is also well known for its cheese, probably the mildest of all cow's milk cheeses of the Pyrénées. It is said that it was favoured by King Louis VI (The Fat), who went through the area in the 12th century.

About the stamps
The first stamp, depicting Calanques de Piana, is part of the eighth series of Portraits of Regions, about which I wrote here. The second stamp is part of the series Domestic Animals Babies, about which I wrote here.

La vallée de Bethmale - Ayet-en-Bethmale (french) - Foto Sariege
Bethmale - Fromages

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