October 2, 2016

2791 POLAND (Kujawy-Pomerania) - Medieval Town of Toruń (UNESCO WHS)

The Medieval Town of Toruń was established on the site of a former Slavic trading town that had existed for around 500 years and dates to the 13th century, when the city of Toruń (Thorn) was granted a town charter by the Teutonic Knights Hermann von Salza and Hermann Balk in 1233. The town, initially composed primarily of the district now known as the Toruń Old Town and the Toruń Castle, developed as a major commercial center, and was one of the key members of the Hanseatic League. As the town quickly grew, the Toruń New Town developed from 1264 east of the Old Town and north of the castle.

The Medieval Town of Toruń is composed of three parts: the Toruń Old Town in the west, Toruń New Town in the east, and the Toruń Castle in the south-east. The Old Town is laid out around the Old Town Market Place. Major buildings and monuments there include the Old Town Hall, Cathedral Basilica of St. John the Baptist and St. John the Evangelist, Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the remains of the old town wall. The New Town features Church of St James and Church of St Nicholas. The Toruń Castle is located between the Old and New Towns at their southern boundary.

The spatial layout of Toruń has remained mostly unchanged since the Middle Ages and thus constitutes a valuable source for the urban history of medieval Europe. It is an outstanding example of a type of building, Architectural, or Technological ensemble or landscape which illustrates a significant stage in human history. In addition, Toruń represents a valuable example of a small historic trading city that preserves to a remarkable extent its original street pattern and outstanding early buildings, and which provides an exceptionally complete picture of the medieval way of life.

About the stamps
The first stamp is part of the series Transportation (Rail), issued on September 21, 2002
• Passenger locomotive Ok1-359 (1.10 PLN)
• Passenger locomotive O149-7 (1.10 PLN)
• Cargo locomotive Tki3-87 (2.00 PLN) - It's on the postcard 2791
• Fast Express locomotive Pm36-2 (2.00 PLN)

The last two stamps are part of the series Impressionism in Polish painting, issued on November 3, 2005.

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Medieval Town of Toruń - UNESCO official website

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