October 15, 2016

2824 FRANCE (Grand Est) - Strasbourg Fair

Located on the River Rhine, Strasbourg, the town at the crossroads, has always occupied a strategic position in Europe. Its early history consists of a long conflict between its bishop and its citizens, ended with the victory of the citizens in Battle of Oberhausbergen (1262), when King Philip of Swabia granted the city the status of an Imperial Free City. A revolution in 1332 resulted in a broad-based city government with participation of the guilds, and Strasbourg declared itself a free republic. Four years later, in 1336, Strasbourg held its first trade fair, a tradition still present to this day, each year, yearly in September.

This commemorative envelope was issued on September 7, 1986, to mark the 60th anniversary of the Strasbourg European Fair (Foire Européenne de Strasbourg), and the 650th anniversary of the Strasbourg Fair. On the envelope is the Grand Seal of Strasbourg depicting Virgin seated, with the Infant blessing and holding a globe, haloed and crowned, holding a sceptre in the right hand; at the entrance to a city with Roman buildings; on the porch which spans the dais: VIR(GO) ROGA P(RO)LEM QUOD PLEBEM SERVET ET URBEM; appended to an act of 1295, sale of a garden to Jean de Mullenheim.

About the stamps
On the front

The stamp,  issued on July 7, 1986, depicts Liberty Enlightening the World, better known as the Statue of Liberty.

On the back

The first two stamps are part of the series Flying Machine, designed by André Lavergne and issued on June 27, 2008. All six stamps are the same face value (0.54 RON).
• Avion III - Ader
• Seaplane - Fabre - It's on the postcard 2824
• Rowing ball - Blanchard - It's on the postcard 2824
• Winged boat - Le Bris
• Helicopter - Jetty Amecourt
• Demoiselle - Santos Dumont

About the last stamp, issued by France as part of the Europe Stamp 1973 - stylised Post horn, I wrote here.

Strasbourg - Wikipedia
Grand Seal of Strasbourg - Medieval Institute Library

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