October 4, 2016

2780, 2784, 2798 FRANCE (Saint Martin) - Caribbean cuisine

2780 Accras de morue (cod fritters)

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Caribbean cuisine is the simple result, without artifice, of an osmosis of all the peoples who made a stopover in this region, a fusion of African, Amerindian, European, East Indian, Arab and Chinese cuisine, which reflects the way of being and living of a people, but also its history. Accras de morue (cod fritters), also known as marinade of the West Indies, a denomination little used now to avoid confusion with the marinade of French cuisine, are of African origin. In the Ewe language, the word means vegetable fritters. In the form of small donuts, they are usually served as a mise en bouche, as appetizer, or as entrée

2784 Chaudeau

The chaudeau is a kind of eggnog in the Caribbean style, and is a specialty of Guadeloupe. It consist in a mixture of egg, milk, vanilla, lime, nutmeg... It is served at weddings, communions and baptisms. It comes with a cake: sweetbread or Mont Blanc. Traditionally, by belief (some think that it is a sign of misfires), must not, for instance, have other preparations on fire. The woman who prepares it, had not be prepared should not be during menstruation. It is served warm or even hot.

2798 Blanc-manger coco

Blanc-manger coco (literally "white dish”) is one of the lightest, creamiest and most delicious dessert that you will encounter in French Caribbean countries. The main ingredients are regular (dairy) milk as well as coconut milk, sweetened a bit, combined together with gelatine and then refrigerated to obtain a jelly-like cake or elegant individual verrines. No baking required. A light and fresh dessert for the hot summer days.

About the stamp
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The stamp was issued on May 23, 2016, to mark the anniversary of 450 years since the death of Louise Labé (1524-1566), a female French poet of the Renaissance born in Lyon

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The first stamp is part of the large series Flowers galore, issued on August 1, 2016.

The second stamp was issued on April 11, 2016 to mark the anniversary of 10 years since the inauguration of The National Center of Costume and Scenography, a French museum dedicated to stage costumes and sets, which is located in Moulins.

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The stamp is part of the series Portraits - Aurtoportraits, about which I wrote here.

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  1. Some of the ingredients look like something we use here in SE Asia.