October 20, 2016

2832 AUSTRIA - "542 Garten Im Regentropfen - Theater - Maul - Cappana 140" by Friedensreich Hundertwasser

Although Friedensreich Hundertwasser (about which I wrote a little here) is more widely known for his architectural works, he first achieved notoriety for his paintings. He used bright colours and organic forms, rejecting the straight lines. Painted in Venice, Lido - Giudecca - Anguillara, in summer-autumn 1962, 542 Garten Im Regentropfen - Theater - Maul - Cappana 140 (Garden in the Raindrop - Theatre - Mouth - Cabin 140) is a watercolour on wrapping paper, primed with chalk and PV (390 mm x 550 mm).

Hundertwasser often painted while travelling, and for this he always had paper folded into a pocket, and watercolours in the other. When he have some free time somewhere, took out the paper, without to unfold it, and start to paint. As a result, the painting was done in pieces, and he see it entirely only at the end. In the case of this picture, was painted in four parts independently of one another. You can read the entire story of this painting here.

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542 Garten Im Regentropfen - Theater - Maul - Cappana 140 (watercolour) 
About the stamps

The stamps, depicting also paintings by Hundertwasser, are personalized stamps.

About the postmark

This is the first-day postmark used with the occasion of the "200 Years Austrian National Bank" anniversary.

542 Garten Im Regentropfen - Theater - Maul - Cappana 140 - The Hundertwasser, Non Profit Foundation

Sender: Non Profit Foundation "The Hundertwasser"
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