October 6, 2016

2801 ABKHAZIA - Gegsky waterfall

Almost the entire territory of Abkhazia hold high mountain ranges. The main ridge of the Greater Caucasus in the north-western border of Abkhazia, at the origins of Auadhare River, rises to a height of 2500m above sea level, on the eastern border of the country is already the height ranges of 3500-4000m. As a result, the ​​perpetual snow area is wide enough. During the summer, it partially melts and fill the numerous rivers with clear water.

In Abkhazia are about 120 rivers, 186 mountain lakes and about 170 mineral springs. One of the most beautiful waterfall in the country is Gegsky waterfall, located in the northern spurs of the Gagra ridge at an altitude of 530m above sea level, at about five kilometers of the lake Riza. It is formed by the river Gega, which, after go a long way through the underground karst caves, cut the rock and falls down through invisible crevice, from a height of 50m.

About the stamps
From Abkhazia
The first stamp, issued in 1999, depicts Bagrat Shamba (1910-1975). The second stamp depicts the flag and the map of Abkhazia.

From Russia
Two of the stamps are part of a series dedicated to Russian Kremlins, about which I wrote here.

The last stamp was issued on July 14, 2016 to mark The 850th Foundation Anniversary of Velikiye Luki City, a large multi-faceted trade, industrial, cultural and educational hub in Pskov Oblast.

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