October 21, 2016

2834 CANADA (Quebec) - Architecture of Montreal

Historically the commercial capital of Canada, Montreal was surpassed in population and economic strength by Toronto only in the 1970s, and this is reflected in buildings inherited, that today provides an invaluable insight into the city's history, especially in the downtown area and the Old Port area. Therefore Montreal is an old, but a very modern city, and the modern buildings are situated right next to some of the oldest and most fascinating structures.

Montreal’s contribution to modern architecture is considerable. Modernism arrived in Montreal in the mid-20th century, but after 1980 architects started deviating from its precepts, the buildings erected after this date enjoing a lot more freedom in terms of their aesthetics. Regarding the skyscrapers, their construction has swung between periods of intense activity and prolonged lulls. In addition, Montreal places height-limits on skyscrapers so that they do not exceed the height of Mount Royal.

About the stamp
The stamp is part of a series of five definitive stamps, Baby Wildlife, about which I wrote here.

Sender: Ruxandra Atanasie and the Canadian postcrossers who participated to the Canadian Postcrossing meet-up which held in Montreal on October 8, 2016
Sent from Montreal (Quebec / Canada), on 10.10.2016

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