October 27, 2016

2842 JAPAN (Kantō) - Tokyo Station

Tokyo Station is a railway station in the Marunouchi business district of Chiyoda, being the main intercity rail terminal in Tokyo. It is also the busiest station in Japan in terms of number of trains per day (over 3,000), and the fifth-busiest in Eastern Japan in terms of passenger throughput (415,908 passengers daily). Its façade on the western side is brick-built, surviving from the time when the station opened in 1914. The main station consists of 10 island platforms serving 20 tracks, raised above street level running in a north-south direction.

The three-story station building was designed by architect Tatsuno Kingo as a restrained celebration of Japan's costly victory in the Russo-Japanese War, bing built between 1908 and 1914. Much of the station was destroyed in B-29 firebombing on May 25, 1945. The bombing shattered the impressive rooftop domes. The station was quickly rebuilt within the year, but simple angular roofs were built in place of the domes, and the restored building was only two stories tall instead of three.

The Yaesu (east) side was also rebuilt following the war, but the rebuilt structure was damaged by fire in 1949, being then significantly upgraded with a contemporary exterior and large Daimaru department store. The new Yaesu side facilities opened in 1953, and was partially rebuilt again in 1991. The station complex is undergoing extensive development.. At present, it is surrounded by high-rise buildings, which offer a view of the cupola and other restored elements of the station.

About the stamp
The stamp is part of the series My Journey Stamp Series No.1 ¥82, designed by Kusuda Yuji and issued on aUGUST 19, 2016. Based on the concept of "my journey," the stamps depict scenery of sightseeing destinations seen from one’s point of view as well as "one’s own scenery found during journey" such as lifestyle and local products. The theme of the first issue is "Kyoto I found."
• Autumn leaves reflected on the surface of the water, Togetsukyo Bridge
• Togetsukyo Bridge
• Statue of Gakko Bosatsu, Daigoji Temple
• Daigoji Temple
• Yuseien Garden, Sanzenin Temple - It's  on the postcard 2842
• Sanzenin Temple
• Nakagyo Post Office 1
• Nakagyo Post Office 2
• Moon, Shodenji Temple
• Shodenji Temple

Tokyo Station - Wikipedia

Sender: Hisae / hisae-nouzen (postcrossing) JP-887694
Sent from Tokyo (Kantō / Japan), on 20.10.2016

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