January 5, 2016

2190 UNITED STATES (Arkansas) - SLSF GP15-1 #100 at Hope (Arkansas), on May 1978

The EMD GP15-1 is a 4-axle diesel-electric locomotive built by General Motors Electro-Motive Division between June 1976 and March 1982, generally employed as a yard switcher or light road switcher. This locomotive is powered by a 12-cylinder EMD 645E engine, which generates 1,119 kW. The GP15-1 uses a 50ft 9in (15.47m) frame, has a wheelbase of 29ft 9in (9.07m) and has a length over couplers of 54ft 11in (16.74m). A total of 310 units were built for American railroads.

These locomotives were purchased by four railroads: Missouri Pacific Railroad (160  units), Conrail (100 units), Chicago and North Western Railway (25  units), and St. Louis-San Francisco Railway (25 units; number 100-124). The St. Louis-San Francisco Railway (SLSF), also known as the Frisco, was a railroad that operated in the Midwest and South Central U.S. from 1876 to 1980. It was formed from the Missouri Division and Central Division of the Atlantic and Pacific Railroad.

It had two main lines: St. Louis-Tulsa-Oklahoma City and Kansas City-Memphis-Birmingham. The junction of the two lines was in Springfield, Missouri, home to the company's main shop facility and headquarters. From 1917 through 1959, Frisco, in a joint venture with the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad, operated the Texas Special. This luxurious train, a streamliner from 1947, ran from St. Louis to Dallas, Ft. Worth and San Antonio. The railroad merged into the Burlington Northern Railroad on November 21, 1980.

About the stamps
The stamp is a Global Forever First-Class Mail International one, about which I wrote here.

EMD GP15-1 - Wikipedia
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