January 17, 2016

2222 GERMANY (Schleswig-Holstein) - A thatched roof cottage in Sieseby

The Schlei (Danish: Slien) is a narrow inlet of the Baltic Sea, which stretches for approximately 32km from the Baltic near Kappeln to the city of Schleswig, and separates the Angeln peninsula to the north from the Schwansen peninsula to the south. The important Viking settlement of Hedeby was located at the head of the firth (fjord), but was later abandoned in favor of the city of Schleswig. Sieseby is one of the villages which form Thumby (Danish: Tumby), a municipality located along the Schlei.

The Romanesque stone church in Sieseby dates from the 12th century and is the oldest building in the municipality. At the mid-19th century, the Hamburg businessman Gustav Anton Schaffer sold the village Sieseby to the House of Glücksburg, in whose possession is in the most part even today. Some of the unique buildings white plastered, with thatched roof, still have above the entrance door the initials G.A.S. of the previous owner.

About the stamp
The first stamp is part of the series German lighthouses, about which I wrote here

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