January 14, 2016

2215 ROMANIA (Constanţa) - Tomis marina

Tomis marina is Constanţa's tourist harbour, built in 1958 in the former Bay of Dolphins. The harbor basin was achieved by closing the bay with two dams: the northern one, Y-shaped, with an initial length of 400m, was extended in 2007 with a further portion of 200 m; the eastern one, which starts from the promenade of Casino, on a length of 500m. Three of its four sides (the eastern, southern and western) were provided with piers.

The marina is integrated in a harmonious manner with the architectural design of Constantza city and it represents a prolongation of the Casino cliff and a balanced transition to the city beach. Regarding the name, Tomis was the Greek colony first documented in 657 BC, which was located on the site of the current city Constanţa, the largest port on the  Black Sea, and the oldest continuously inhabited city in Romania.

About the stamp
The stamp is part of the third set of a very extensive series, entitled Romanian Pottery, about which I wrote here.

Portul Tomis (rom) - Wikipedia
Touristic port - Constanţa Port official website

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