January 31, 2016

2254 ROMANIA (Olt) - Independency Monument in Corabia

In 1877, when Romania declared its independence from the Ottoman Empire, the town of Corabia had only 6 years since the foundation and was only a small port on the Danube. In order that the independence to not remain only a statement, Romania entered as a belligerent in Russo-Turkish War (1877-1878), which Romanian historians will name, rightly, the War of Independence.

As a result, all Romanian artillery batteries located along the Danube, including the one from Corabia, heavily bombed Turkish positions on the opposite bank and the ways of communication, and on the July 16, 1877 Romanian first units began crossing the Danube to support the Russian army. To commemorate this istoric moment, subsequent was erected in the centre of the town, not far from the Holy Trinity Cathedral, the Monument of Independency.

The statue situated on the top of the monument depicts a youg woman (representing Romania) pointing the place where Romanian forces crossed the Danube in the War of Independence to a dorobanţ (an infantry soldier of the National Army). On the pedestal of the statue is also a memorial tablet on which are the names of the Romanian soldiers originally from the town who fell in the WWI.

About the stamp
Prepaid postcard (the coat of arms of the Socialist Republic of Romania, 1965-1989).

Corabia - Wikipedia

Sender: Rodica Nica
Sent from Ştefan cel Mare (Olt / Romania), on 25.08.1981
Photo: A. Iancu

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