January 17, 2016

2225 UNITED KINGDOM (Bermuda) - A horseback ride on south shore

There are excellent scenic trails in Bermuda for horseback riding. The trails lead through lush landscapes, villages, or along the old railway trail or even along the beaches. On the other hand, the laws around horse riding in Bermuda is quite stringent. An experienced local supervisor must be accompanying you, particularly if you are riding close to a public place like a beach. The supervisor usually doubles up as a guide and explains a lot of flora & fauna as well as history of the island along the way.

About the stamps
The first stamp is part of the series Bays and Inlets, about which I wrote here. The second stamp is part of the series Art Masterworks - Museum of Bermuda - 25th Anniversary, about which I wrote here.

Bermuda Horseback Riding - Bermuda Attractions

Sender: Denise 
Sent from Southampton (Bermuda), on 24.04.2014

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