January 20, 2016

2230 CZECH REPUBLIC (South Moravia) - Lysice Castle

Located at 29km north of Brno, Lysice is a small town known for a wonderful castle and its gardens. Currently Baroque in appearance, it was built on the site of a water fortress of the Lords of Kunštát, of which the first mention dates from the early 14th century. A Renaissance reconstruction took place in the late 16th century, when were laid also the foundations of the garden. The Baroque construction phase probably made in 1705-1711, during the rule of Graf Antonína Amata Serényiho.

The opulent and richly furnished interiors give visitors an idea of the lifestyle of the family of Dubský from Třebomyslice. Rich collections, accumulated mainly in the 19th Century, include furniture, glass, porcelain, pictures, a rare weapon collection, two libraries, objects brought from the Orient and a remarkable collection of historical shooting targets. A visit of the orangery, as well as the castle garden centre from the second half of the 19th Century is both a part of the tour of the garden.

About the stamp

The stamp is a Postcrossing stamp, issued on September 2, 2015.

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Photo: Veronika Skalova


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